Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ever since before Thanksgiving my life has just been off key. I'm striving to get back on track. I'm doing a new Bible Study. Reading my Bible more often and reading several uplifting devotionals each morning.

On a positive note - I have been managing to get in a little more prayer time these days. Today I got a revelation from God. First He
shared with me this part . . . .

"God loved the world so much He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ to save the world."
and then He gave me this part . . . .

"God loved the world so much,
He did not ask Pam to save the world -
His Son could do it quite well. . .
all by Himself ....
so take a load off

Dear God,
don't let our ideas about how, and where,
and when we should seek you,
get in the way of seeking you.
When giving us a gift, help us recognize it and accept it.

No matter how old we get, if we were blessed with children
we remain mothers the rest of our lives.

A mother is the most important person on earth.
She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral.
She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any Cathedral --
a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body.
Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty

We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us;
we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.
C.S. Lewis
Just a few thoughts on a cold winter day

Words truly written from my heart to yours,

Pam ( mostly known as 'ma'


Kath said...

Love your opening Graphic Ma.I wish I felt so snug as he looks.I am happy to read you are content in having a little more time for your bible study.Why I keep missing this blog I do not know as I do have it in my favourites.Please accept my apologies if I havn't been round every posting.I must remember to look on my list as well as the dashboard, as the dashboard is not to be relied upon I have found on numerous occasions.Have a lovely Sunday.Take Care Keep Warm God Bless. Kath xx

scrappy quilter said...

I so enjoy reading this too. You're words are always an encouragement. hugs...