Saturday, December 20, 2008

My beagle summer of 2008

He loved sitting in his chair at the camper

This is last winter when we had a huge snow storm

His favorite place to be

Or maybe this was his very favorite

He loved the sunshine!
We said good bye today - he will always be remembered.
Getting old is not easy
Saying Good bye
is even harder.


Sugar said...

he went to the rainbow bridge? if so, i'm sorry for your loss but i believe you'll see him again. please visit the Pet Memorial, will put him there if you like. the link is on my sidebar.
God bless...

Sugar said...

ty pam for visiting the pet memorial, again i'm so sorry for your loss. guess you saw the tribute tomy furrs that've gone on ahead (& pics).
please email your beloved furrs name, so i can put a little tribute for him there. date is 12/20/08 right? i can use a pic off your journal if that's ok.
i tried to email you, but there was no email addy on your profile.
hugs to you my friend...

Sugar said...

Buddy has been added on post In Loving Memory #2, take a look, & see his pic in the slide show. He's here in Bloggerville, go visit anytime.
Please add yourself to the side bar under loved ones & visitors.